Business Service Partner Winner 2018

Business Service Partner Winner 2018

Polymer Logistics

Polymer Logistics has engineered a solution to the meet the logistical needs of the fresh produce supply chain with pallets made from wholly recyclable materials, having the capacity to use food-grade post-consumer plastic.

The Cleanpal innovation provides safe and hygienic logistics at a reduced cost, with a positive environmental impact, addressing the challenges of space, safety and food hygiene which can be encountered with the historical wooden pallet. 

The redevelopment of the pallet provides greater productivity, allowing three times as many empty pallets to be transported on a single lorry due to its nestability, meaning that a third of storage space is required. 
Judges’ comment: This product uses

Modern technology to ensure that transit packaging provides more benefits for the fresh produce industry, our customers and the environment.


25 Jun

The Pavilion, Tower of London

St Katharine's & Wapping, East Smithfield, London EC3N 4AB

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