CSR Excellence Winner 2018

CSR Excellence Winner 2018

G's Fresh Mushrooms

The mushroom industry alone generates an estimated 4,300 tons of plastic each year from the retail market. There had been little packaging innovation in the sector since the 1980s, and G’s set out to find a compostable solution with no detrimental impact on the environment.

G’s has led the market to develop a commercially viable, certified home compostable punnet, tested for its durability, presentation and shelf life.

Working with its partner CKF Inc. G’s overcame a number of challenges created by the respiration of mushrooms which could weaken the punnets. G’s is the first business to successfully seal top seal pulp for mushrooms and this breakthrough opens up a significant opportunity in the future of produce packaging.

Judges’ comment: "G’s pioneering work makes a strong environmental statement whilst improving its product and reducing waste."


25 Jun

The Pavilion, Tower of London

St Katharine's & Wapping, East Smithfield, London EC3N 4AB

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