The FPC Fresh Awards are now taking place on 19 November 2021. We are now open for entries. If you had entered the 2019 Awards please contact cristina@freshproduce.org.uk if you wish to view or update it. If you do not it will still be considered for this year.

If once you have started your entry, you cannot finish it then come back to continue at a later stage. All you have to do is click SAVE at the bottom instead of SUBMIT and your entry will be saved. You will receive an email with a link to use when you are ready to return to it.

Once you have submitted it you cannot access the link but if you need access to it please contact cristina@freshproduce.org.uk

Please check all submitted details are correct.

Once your entry is received, you will hear from us in due course, should you become a finalist. We will be announcing the shortlist on 13 September.

Good luck!

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Entries are welcome for Lifetime Achievement of the Year, however, on the evening only the winner is announced as there is no shortlist for this award.

The winner of the Best of the Best - Fresh Produce Business of the Year Award is chosen by judges from winners of the Supply Chain, Retail & Business Excellence categories. Entries are not accepted.

The winners of Convenience Retailer/Multiple Retailer/Multiple Floral Retailer/Online Retailer of the Year are chosen from entries and online consumer and industry polls.

Company Logo - (Please provide a 300 dpi image and a file format of either .jpeg, .jpg or .png.)

Please attach a file

Your Details

Your Address

Name of the individual or company nominated and which award they are being entered for

What was achieved? - (1700 Characters including spaces)

Please give a brief summary of what has been achieved, demonstrating the initial objectives and desired impact of your initiative. Demonstrate the success you or your company achieved in the past year using relevant information.

How was it achieved? - (1700 Characters including spaces)

Explain how you achieved your goals. Outline the size of the team involved and include resources and budgets. We`re not looking for the biggest numbers but how, using the resources at your disposal, you’ve driven innovation and made an impact.

The bigger picture - (1700 Characters including spaces)

Provide brief details of how your initiative forms part of a broader strategy that has the potential to benefit the company and the fresh produce industry as a whole.

Summary - (1700 Characters including spaces)

Tell us why this entry should win.

Supporting Information

Please provide up to 3 documents that you feel support your entry such as brochures, press releases, testimonials etc. The maximum size is 2MB each and acceptable format is .docx.

Please note that you do not have to supply any documents if you do not have any.

Please attach a file
Please attach a file
Please attach a file

Supporting Images

Please provide at least one picture that shows your entry. This image will be used during the presentation should you be lucky enough to be a winner. Please provide a 300 dpi image.

Please attach a file
Please attach a file
Please attach a file


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