Why you should enter

Enter one of our awards and gain recognition and credibility for your organisation.

Numerous studies have shown that winning an industry award impacts positively on a business and its employees. Being on the shortlist alone gives a well earned boost to your staff and shows your customers and suppliers that you are serious player in the industry. Winning will give you widespread publicity and the respect of your peers.


  • Whether you are big or small you have every chance of winning
  • Raise the status and credibility of your company, brand, products or services, and increase your company’s visibility
  • Attract new customers and new employees
  • Increase customer loyalty

Tips for entering

  • Read through all our categories and ensure you enter every category that you can, as you can enter more than one category
  • Entering more than one category will increase your chance of success
  • Complete all the questions on the form and ensure that you are familiar with the word count limits as you write
  • Read the questions and focus your answers
  • Make your submission early and don’t leave it to the last minute
  • Keep your entry simple and to the point but be passionate and interesting
  • For each category you will be asked to tell us what was achieved, how it was achieved, the bigger picture and how this was affected
    by your entry
  • Within your submission you can upload a maximum of 3 supporting images, make sure these are clear and are relevant to your entry
  • You will be asked for supporting material,this is optional but can include things like brochures, case studies, testimonials etc
  • Finally check your entry before submitting

It may also help you to read the judges' comments and see why last year's winners won.

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